Well I haven't shown any stamps yet, so there's not any details to give.  Maybe some details about this exhibit... 

Most of these scans come from my collection, but a few of the better ones come from other people's collections or auction catalogs.  This is why I ask that you don't swipe any of the graphics without asking me first.  I'm glad to share what is mine to share.

I'm not a stamp dealer, though I do make and sell stamp albums.  My Specialized Album for Tuva has been well received and written about in Stamp Collector, Rossica, and the newsletter of the Tannu Tuva Collector's Society. 

I do have some extra Tuvan stamps I'd be interested in trading, but I've been intending to make a list for several years now, so don't hold your breath please.  The few really good ones will be going up on ebay someday.

There are some excellent dealers who do have some Tuvan stock.  Check with Eric Balkin on line...and Boyd of "Hard to Find"...  I've had superb service from both of them and Boyd appreciates my weird interests and keeps an eye out for the stuff that appeals to me. 

For the modern cinderella junk, Europhila stocks some of them (clearly labeling and selling them as cindie labels) and Bill Hornadge down in Australia sometimes has some of these.  I'd be glad to hear of others...I don't collect lots of the fake labels, but some are attractive and I do pick up ones that appeal to me.  I had entertained the idea of making an album for them, but did not get enough interest to make it worth while (am I really the only one who buys some of these labels????)

Y2K UPDATE  most of the cindie ones that appealed to me seemed to have real Tuvan relevance.  Well it turned out that most of those stamps were actually commissioned by the Tuvan government.  I'm referring to the half dozen sets of stamps that are described in Anders Backman's new catalog.   And after finding out there was a reason they seemed different, I created an album for those issues.  As for the teleTubbie stamps and such, I don't think I'll ever make an album for them.  The stream continues and nobody admits to buying them. 

Europhila still sells the "junk" ones at much better prices, but I can find no supply for the semi-official ones.  Mr Backman occasionally has some up on ebay, as does Constantin Sova, but there just don't seem to be large quantities of them available.