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Why Another Album Publisher?

As a stamp collector, I've been frustrated at the lack of quality stamp albums covering many areas of my  interests.  I started this business to address these ignored or under-served areas of philately.

Currently Available Albums
"NEW" Standard Albums [with Michel* Catalog Numbers]
Poland Volumes 1-3 | Lithuanian Republic 1990-1999 | Central Lithuania
Specialized Albums
Tannu Tuva 1926-43  | Authorized Stamps of Tuva 1994-1995| Polish POW Camp Stamps | Revenue Stamps of Poland | Specialized Lithuanian Republic 1990-1999
General Government | Danzig | Memel
Paper and Paper Size, Binders, and The Future
Ordering Information
GuaranteeFree Samples and further information

Currently Available Albums

NEW Standard Albums

have spaces for every regular issue, official, and postage due stamp and variety listed in the current Michel* Ost catalog. These albums include the Michel catalog numbers of each stamp below its provided space. Varieties are generally on separate pages so the album can be customized to your collecting tastes.  Checklists are also provided to help inventory and track your collection. Each page is printed on a high-quality, acid-free 70# card stock which ensures a long lifetime of service to you.  [Sample Page]

Description Stock Number Price (plus S&H)
Poland Volume I : 1860, 1918 - 1924 PolNS1Pg $40.00 ($3.50)
Poland Volume II: 1924 - 1939 PolNS2Pg $35.00 ($3.50)
Poland Volume III: 1941 - 1950

Exile issues through the currency revaluation

PolNS3Pg $35.00 ($3.50)
Central Lithuania CntLithPg $12.00 ($3.50)
Lithuanian Republic 1990 - 1999

Fully illustrated.   See the specialized listings for a similar album using Lith Post numbers, as well as specialized albums for Memel.

LitNS2Pg $45.00 ($3.50)


Specialized Albums

are printed on deluxe 70# card stock pages and provide space for all stamps listed in a recognized specialty catalog of a given area.  Along with the more esoteric specialized albums listed further down, I also have a series of specialized albums that parallel the current Michel Spezial -- providing checklists and spaces (with number) for every stamp, shade, and variety that is designated in this wonderful catalog.  They are:

Description Stock Number Price (plus S&H)
Memel Volume I [sample page] FrMemPg $40.00 ($3.50)
Memel Volume II LiMemPg $45.00 ($3.50)
Danzig Volume I DanzPg1 $50.00 ($3.50)
Danzig Volume II DanzPg2 $55.00 ($3.50)
General Government GenGovPg $45.00 ($3.50)

We also supply albums for more exotic areas:

Tannu Tuva Specialized Album 1926-1943

This fully illustrated album of the stamps of Tannu Tuva includes spaces for all single stamps as listed in the Mirr Tannu Tuva Specialized Catalog. By permission each space also includes the catalog number as listed in this specialized catalog. Simplified pages are also included for those who do not collect the perforation varieties. 

Description Stock Number Price (plus S&H)
Tannu Tuva 1926-1943
Please also note the 1994-5 album below.
TuvaMirrPg $45.00 ($3.50)

Authorized Stamps of Tuva 1994-1995

This title may seem controversial, but thanks to the research of Anders Backman we now know why there seemed to be different sources for "Tuvan Stamps" during these years, and that some were indeed commissioned by the Tuvan government.   With the help of Mr. Backman, this liberally illustrated album provides spaces (with Backman numbers) for all of these semi-official issues.  See the on-line Tuvan exhibit for more details on these issues. [Sample Page]

Description Stock Number Price (plus S&H)
Authorized Stamps of Tannu Tuva 1994 - 1995 TuvaBackPg $30.00 ($3.50)

Specialized Album for the Revenue Stamps of Poland

This illustrated album contains spaces for all Polish revenue stamps as listed in Erler's 1993 revision of the Norton Catalog of the Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Poland. With the kind permission of Mr. Erler, each space includes the catalog number as listed in his specialized catalog.

Volume I contains spaces for all Stamp Duty, Treasury Fee, Court Delivery, Court Fees, Silesian Stamp Duty and Fiscal Surtax stamps  listed in the 1993 edition of the catalog. Volume II contains spaces for all other stamps listed in the Erler catalog.A large supplement containing pages for every perforation variety mentioned in the catalog is also available [details].

Description Stock Number Price (plus S&H)
Revenues of Poland Volume I PolErlV1Pg $50.00 ($3.50)
Revenues of Poland Volume II PolErlV2Pg $50.00 ($3.50)
Revenues of Poland Perforation Varieties Supplement PolErlPerfPg $62.00 ($3.50)

Specialized Album of WWII Polish Prisoner of War Camp Stamps

The Polish prisoners in four German-controlled POW camps operated sanctioned local posts within their camps. That such interesting and beautiful stamps could be created under such terrible hardship is a testament to the spirit and strength of all men.

This album has spaces for all stamps and souvenir sheets as listed in the Michel Deutschland Specialized 1983/84. Though regularly cataloged in many more recent Polish specialized catalogs, the Michel catalog numbers and descriptions still seem the standard that most American dealers and collectors recognize. By kind permission, these numbers also appear below each stamp.  [Sample Page]

Description Stock Number Price (plus S&H)
POW Stamps 1942-1945 POWMiPg $40.00 ($3.50)

Specialized Album for Lithuanian Republic 1990 - Present

With the kind help and support of John Variakojis and the Lithuanian Philatelic Society I produce a specialized album for Lithuania 1990-present.  These pages are fully illustrated and include the official Lithuanian Post numbers for each issue.  A checklist is also provided.  If you collect this area, I strongly suggest you join and support the society.  The album is supplemented quarterly for members of the society.  See their website for more information on this and their superb journal.   [Sample Page]

Description Stock Number Price (plus S&H)
Lithuanian Republic Specialized 1990-1999
See the New Standard section for an album using Michel catalog's detail and catalog numbering.
LithPostPg $56.00 ($3.50)


We use the highest quality acid-free paper for all albums.   All albums are printed on a beautiful acid-free 70# card stock which  easily supports the mounting of covers and postal history in your collection.

Paper Size

All albums are laid out on 8.5 x 11" sheets, drilled to fit into any US - standard 3 ring binder. There is no need to spend $30-$40 for a proprietary binder with our albums!


Our previous supplier of binders is no longer available.  We are currently investigating several options.  Meanwhile, all albums are punched to fit in standard 3-ring binders.  Rest assured the labeling of any new binders will match in style and appearance to the previous labels.

The Future

By March of 2000 I will have new standard albums for Estonia and Latvia (modern and pre WWII), as well as have completed the New Standard albums of Poland.  The Lithuanian Society of Chicago have been very supportive of my modern albums of Lithuania, so a similar volume for the pre-war issues is in progress.  Specialized albums for German Pleblicites and Saar are also coming very soon.  If you have suggestions for new albums, I'd love to hear from you.

To Order

Please sum the cost of the album(s) you desire, add the postage & handling charges, and mail your order and payment to:

Scott Marusak
The Philatelic Album Smith
PO Box 5645
Cary, NC 27512

Postage and Handling

to all North American addresses is indicated next to the price for each item listed.   For other destinations, please double the listed P&H amount. 


To keep prices as low as possible, I do not accept credit cards. Please remit checks or money orders in US dollars to Scott Marusak or The Philatelic Album Smith.  North Carolina residents please add 6% sales tax.

Free Samples

of actual pages are available upon request.    Be sure to check our on-line samples which will give you an idea of the layout and composition of typical pages.


Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed or you may return your album for a full refund within 60 days. All orders are mailed within two business days of receipt of payment. If you have access to the Internet you may notify me electronically of your order to guarantee the swiftest possible handling. Prices subject to change.

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