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If you collect all perforation varieties, then congratulations! You are as addicted/crazy as me!  

The 1993 Erler revision lists most perforation varieties, but there are quite a number unlisted as well.  There is supposed to be a group working in Warsaw on a specialized Polish revenue catalog but nothing has been from them in some time. 

This supplement has spaces for all the combinations of perforations on all stamps listed in this edition of the Erler catalog.  These pages are made to replace a small number of the pages in the Volume I and II albums. This makes those two albums a bit snug but you should not require another binder with the supplement.  If you include documents or other literature in your albums however, you will probably want to consider an extra binder.

PS John Barefoot has published a new general catalog of Polish Revenues, which should increase interest in this area of Polish philately.  So if you're hunting for perf varieties, better stock up now :-)