I have an affinity towards strange philatelic addictions…which sometimes leads me to stamps I can not identify. Since so many of the folks out there on the web and in rec.collecting.stamps have helped me, its my turn to give back.

If you have a stamp you are stumped by, don't have web pages of your own,  and have already tried the Scott catalog in your public library or asked about it on the newsgroup, perhaps I can help solve your mystery.  Please send a photocopy (NOT the stamp) and I’d be glad to scan it and put it up here. 

If you have a scanner you can email me a small 75-90 dpi jpg of the item...   Please note I only have a finite amount of web space allowed me and my album business must take priority over anything else on my pages.  If you are going to email me jpgs, please send no more than 50K without first writing me.  (My mailbox has a quota too...)

Please email me if you have any questions.