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So Many Places to Go...

Here are some good places to go...all comments, editorials etc are purely mine and mine only:

I'd be silly to try to link to all the philatelic sites of the world...many others have already done a wonderful job at that let me point you to them as well as to the areas that tickle my fancy. 

PS  I've tried to avoid jargon, but see the stamp collector's guide to the net...a work in progress


Personally useful stuff
Misc Fun (non-stamps)
Individual Web Pages that I like/find useful
Non-Philatelic Hobby Stuff:
Computer Aquarium Books
World Paper Money Ancient (coins+) Astronomy and Telescopes
Philatelic Hobby/Business Stuff:
Auctions Resources Libraries/Museums/Exhibits
Link Collections Sites that cross many boundaries Lists and Listserves
Book dealers Publishers (catalogs, albums) Societies
Dealers Region-specific Resources Baltic Sites


PE01799A.gif (1627 bytes)Personally Useful Stuff

Weather:  RDU Weather
Movies: Wanna buy a movie?
Search the web: altavista
Search the search engines: All-in-One Search Page
Search newsgroups: Find a newsgroup post
Consumer Price Index
Need to drive somewhere?  They can tell you how to get there
Gonna fly?  These guys can quote you the prices
"Only it seems to me that once in your life before you die you ought to see a country where they don't talk English and don't even want to." Mrs. Gibbs to Mrs. Webb
Act I, *Our Town* by Thornton Wilder


Polonia Bookstore
Tan Wee Cheng's Central-Eastern Europe Philatelic Resources
Polish Philately (haven't searched here but it looks great...has 1997 program published too)
Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live.
("Resume" by Dorothy Parker)

Region-specific Philatelic Resources

Tan Wee Cheng's Central-Eastern Europe Philatelic Resources
Baltic States Philatelic Page
German Stamps Page

AG00062_.gif (7566 bytes)Computer-related Stuff

CD-ROM Access(excellent company selling PC software on CD at cheap prices...highly recommended)
How to make your pages frame-proof (trick from Netscape world article)
Mindspring (great ISP) (because even great ISPs sometimes get sold or left)
Internet Hoaxes Computer Incident Advisory Capability of the US DoE
I bought my last computer from Intrex, and they did a good job.

General Fun Stuff 


"When you argue with a fool, chances are he is doing just the same"

Aquarium Stuff


library.gif (2792 bytes)Book Stuff

Etherington & Roberts. Dictionary--Foreword (bookbinding etc)
rec.collecting.books FAQ
Bookman's Terms for describing book condition
The Society of American Archivists
The Banned Books page at Carnegie Mellon
Flea Market Books

World Paper Money


Philatelic Publishers (other than me)

Welcome to Stanley Gibbons!
Krause Publications
MICHEL home page (In English)

Baltic Sites/info

Baltic States Philatelic Page

"Those are my principles. If you disagree with them, I have others." -
Marx (Groucho)

Individual's Home pages (that I like or learn from)

Virtual Endeavors (guy has good taste in hobbies...note plans to build aquarium stand)
Dobrodosli - Welcome to Croatia, Hrvatska, Croatie, at Zeljko Lupic's Home Pages I don't collect Croatia, but look at an extremely well done web page on a given region.
Vadim Lapin's (multi-language dictionary of philatelic terms, submarine history)
Ed Bakker's (collects eastern europe, sells and trades on his site)


Philatelic Societies

APS Home page
American Air Mail Society
Friends of Tuva
Tannu Tuva Collector's Society
Philatelic Computing Study Group
Tonga & Tin Can Mail Study Circle
International Aero-Philatelic Club (German...but look at the beautiful pages even if you don't know the language)

BS00554A.gif (2792 bytes)Philatelic Libraries

BEST PAGE IN THE WEB - at least you'll think so if you used the old "Tracker" system.  The APRL card catalog is on the web!
Philatelic Museums & Libraries biggest listing of 'em I've ever seen...

TR00255A.gif (1360 bytes)Ancients and Ancient Coins

Samuel J. Pezzillo's page of links on ancients resources
subscribe to the Celator if you like this kind of web site but ask for a free copy from XXXXX. 
You can't walk through the Babylonian gate while the Oriental Institute is being renovated, but take the virtual tour.

AG00020_.gif (6100 bytes)Stamp Dealers

The Riga's Home Page (if you collect cindies, check them out!)
Walt Christ's Stamps (German and other areas...excellent service in all respects)
Chester Stamps (a wonderful retail STAMP SHOP right here in Raleigh, NC)
Greg Carson Stamps (topicals...VERY pretty pages with tons of stamp images)
WEST NISSOURI STAMP COMPANY (nice selection including BALTICS)
Unique Estate Appraisals (very pretty, TONS and tons of stamp intensive)
Sören Andersson & Co (postal history/covers at fair prices (but leave the Polish stuff for me!))
Eric Jackson (revs, mostly US but some WW too)

"The ability to ignore a good anecdote is a key trait of the mediocre scientist." - William Eidem

TN00594A.gif (2349 bytes)Astronomy and Telescope Stuff

control of stepper motors
wanna buy a meteor? Even if not, you can learn alot from this site!
ATM Resource List (that's Amateur Telescope Making)
ATM Archives
Unsharp Masking
The Moon Illusion
Links on Sundials
Scotch Mount
Bad Astronomy
Digitized Sky Survey
The Messier Catalog (Absolutely beautifully done...take a look...if you have a soul you can't help but be amazed)
How to keep sci.astronomy.amateur clean (but read it anyway, most if it pertains to any newsgroup)
Mel Bartel's place
group building a 70"   Bill Arnett Todd Gross(haven't checked out any of these yet)

"The object of life is to gratify yourself without getting arrested."
- B.F. Skinner - Behavioral Psychologist

WB00959_.GIF (540 bytes)Philatelic Resources

FAQ - huge, hasn't been maintained in a while, but has some great philatelic info
Stamp Trader List (STL) master site

PE01641A.gif (1608 bytes)Stamp Auction Sites

these guys host web versions of existing philatelic auction houses . 
Auctions On-Line - the premier Internet auction service (also very good)
Philatelists Online
these guys are live web auctions of philatelic stuff (Had, and disserved a bad reputation for over-using the rec.collecting.stamps newsgroup, but they have moderated their behavior and run a pretty impressive site).
Collectible auctions by Collectors: AuctionUniverse
and of course there is EBAY

IN00529A.gif (1701 bytes)Philatelic Link Collections done by others

Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web (the original, venerated, and probably still the biggest collections of all pages philatelic)
STAMP YELLOW PAGES DIRECTORY (if you're looking for a dealer, this is the place to look)
Greg's big philatelic link library at's trying to link to every philatelic page in the world and looks to be near his goal

Big Philatelic Sites

don't know what to call these guys, but you'll want to check them out early in your explorations as they provide many services that defy a simple category.  Most run stamp discussion areas of one sort or another, host different stamp dealers on the web and provide many various services that distinguish themselves from each other (e.g. Greg at has a chat room on his web site where public talks with APS presidents and journalists have been held).  All of these are worth your inspection
Stamp Dealers International (SDI)®
"Stamp Dealer Central (SDC) WebSuite Welcome Station"

AG00065_.gif (6828 bytes)Philatelic Book Dealers

How can you collect what you don't understand? Knowledge is power, APRL teaches you the path, and these guys let you stock up on it!

Leonard Hartman's philatelic Books (web version of his FABULOUS phil book catalog).  Be sure to check his section of used-misc-stuff-that just-came-in...but don't buy any Polish stuff...its MINE :-)
James Bendon Ltd. regularly publishes great philatelic books

Will also be a link section for club folks

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