A bunch of reasons...  This is the place where an animal was first domesticated for human use (reindeer).  This is an incredibly beautiful land with every kind of environment from Siberian Cold to Gobi-Dessert Heat...mountain and plain. 

The Nomads of Tuva have a unique singing technique where they can sing more than one note at the same time...it takes a bit of getting used to but is quite beautiful and addictive once you've heard it.

And there's the Feynman connection.  If you studied any physics, are a student of curious characters, or remember the guy who figured out why the Challenger exploded, you already know the late Richard Feynman.  For the rest of you, he was a Nobel winning Physicist who was probably the greatest teacher and communicator of physics and the beauty of the universe we live in.  And he was one heck of an interesting character.   When remembering the colorful stamps he had as a child, he asked a friend "What Ever Happened To Tannu Tuva".  That led him to a wonderful adventure that never has ended, though he died weeks before he could finally go to Tuva.

Well I love physics and still read what I can...and Feynman's writings are the best.   When I read of his curiosity about those pretty stamps, I remembered the same stamps that my dad had in his collection...and my addiction was started.

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