I won't try to summarize the whole history of Tuva here.  I could not do it justice.  This incredibly beautiful land was the site of the first domestication of animals (reindeer), has an incredible variety of environments, and fielded many warriors in the age of the Khans.  If you are not already a Friend of Tuva or member of the Tannu Tuva Collector's Society, both give wonderful sources of information.

In the Blekhman book there is an interesting discussion of the history of Tuva including a treatment of the postal system run by the Khans across Tuva and many other lands 700 years ago.  This system imposed a huge burden upon the people of Tuva (among others) but it makes interesting reading.

In more recent history Tuva was known as the Uriankai Territory of China before being put under the "protection" of the Soviet Union in the early 20th century.   In truth Russian hunters and traders had been a significant force in Tuva before the Czar quietly took over Tuva in 1914. After the Russian revolution and some reassertion of Chinese control, Tuva was declared independent (but under Soviet protection) in October 1924. In 1926 came the first stamps of Tuva.

Now on to the stamps

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