February 1, 2000  Thanks for Andrey, Eric and others I've added about 30 more images to the Tuva exhibit, including very rare items.  Also note there is a 1942 Tuvan cover up for auction at Cherrystone at the end of the month.  A color picture is in the 1942 page of the exhibit.

January 24, 2000 Twenty inches of snow in North Carolina!  I've plenty of time to add more pictures and updates in the Tuva exhibit.  Keep them comments coming!

January 18, 2000  Happy New Year!  I've given up on updating the whole web site in one shot, so come on in and see what's new.  The Tuva exhibit has been updated with new information on the 1994-1995 issues.  It turns out a handful of sets have a decent claim to legitimacy (and SURPRISE!  None of them have pictures of supermodels on 'em).  So if you were confused by the mix of junk and Tuvan-themed stamps coming out at that time, you now have an explanation.

I've yanked the old RCS-mini FAQ, as John Bell and his cron job are doing a fantastic time keeping folks on track in the evolved newsgroups.

You'll notice I've yanked some albums from the album line.  Don't fear...I've renewed my license with Michel and am revising most everything to use this superior catalog.  In fact, I'll be listing a bunch of new albums that are already "in the can" just as soon as I update the exhibit. 

Note that I have my own domain too, so if you're reading this on mindspring, please update your bookmarks to www.albumSmith.com soon.   Comments, suggestions, or requests? Email me and thanks,